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Nudge in the direction for the definition of a selfemployed archaeologist.
Must admit I am struggling to find time. Was considering the following sections

1. To be a self employed archaeologist you have to have a degree in archaeology preferably a science one.
2. Alternatively you could get a job with a unit and learn how to dig but you may find it hard to get work in Europe.
3. Alternatively you can volunteer which might restrict you regionally.
4. Ring up your local tax office or go on line and tell them that you are self employed. You don't have to say that you are an archaeologist as they don't know if its a product or a service that you are offering. They are just trying to tax all your invoices and don't really care how you got them but that you tell about them all about them. They particularly don't care if you have no holiday money, sickness money, maternity money, redundancy money or anything that remotely looks like a employee right like losing the contract unfairly.
5Products and services have legitimate expenses.
6 Find work. That includes voluntary.

you could change the order of some of these steps. For instance become self employed before undertaking the degree.

by the way this is all draft, just shaking the bush so to speak, boss
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
Was hoping you could do better than that... as it is not looking that helpful or comprehensive just now. I had hoped that as you have been pondering this for so long, you would have a clearer idea.

Anyways... I realise you are busy. So I guess you won't be able to create this guide. Until then, people will just have to get along with the guides mentioned previously.

Thank you for considering this public service.
Have faith my friend, I might also get a guide out on a grotty thing called trencharch. It stinks.
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
Do hope so.
Am I the only one confused by this new definition of "Archaeologist" that suddenly requires a degree - preferably a science one? There are many well-established and respected archaeologists with no graduate-level education in the subject...

And I'm happy to leave the definition of acceptable "Self-Employed" status to the only folks that matter - HMRC.

Like the bumble bee, I'll carry on regardless!
I expect that you are in the majority. We Bumble on
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
hello hosty
how is it hanging?
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist

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