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This morning we launched the crowd-sourcing platform that makes up part of our AHRC funded MicroPasts project (see and our community forum (

For our first few applications, we have focused on the British Museum’s Bronze Age collections which are under the curation of Neil Wilkin and we’re asking for citizen scientists to help with transcription of a large corpus of cards and for assistance in producing 3D models.

Our system is based on open source software; Pybossa ( for enabling the crowd, Wordpress for the website and blogs and Discourse (http:// for community building and anyone can download the data and images that we have produced for this project.

If you would like to participate in our project, please feel free to join in or send us any questions at

With regards,
The MicroPasts team ( and @micropasts)
What a fantastic sounding initiative! I will definitely get involved in this.
That's a good question. :face-thinks:

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