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A new Facebook page: Kite Aerial Remote Sensing - a quiet revolution.
I have posted a lot over the last few years about how simple kite aerial photography is, with relatively little interest from archaeologists. This is now changing ;o)

Here is our new Facebook page, where the experts, and others, can post about their kite aerial remote sensing:

Some of these techniques are nowhere near as complicated as they may first look.
3D modelling is now being employed in outreach with community groups and others eg

Soon, amateurs, children and pensioners will be routinely producing better images than most archaeologists...some have already started!

Also, as commented by many:

'In recent years there has been a rapid development of digital photogrammetric software solutions. Archaeologists started to take note of this through the first decade in the new millennium and have started to explore the possibilities of digital photogrammetry as a tool for recording spatial data. This thesis investigates the possibilities of modern digital photogrammetry as a methodology for topographical field documentation in archaeology. The methodology is compared to what has become the main tool for topographical documentation in Norwegian rescue archaeology, the total station. Using self-developed methods for evaluating the data I have been able to determine the quality of each methodology in terms of resolution and time spent recording. This evaluation shows that digital photogrammetry is by far the better choice for recording topographical data at an archaeological excavation. I have also shown some possible applications for this kind of data in both visualizing and analyzing the data.' [SIZE=2][/SIZE]

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