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Balla Secondary School continues to lead the way in remote sensing.
I have returned recently from two contiguous meetings in Ireland 'Archaeology Above and Below'.

The first meeting, at Balla School, was attended by the Irish Prime Minister:

For community work, kites are on the up ;o)
[Image: balla2014b.jpg]
Looking over Balla: School top left, walled garden right. (student photo)

Will the multidisciplinary techniques of archaeological remote sensing (soil resistance, gradiometry, magnetic susceptibility, metal detection, tomography, GPR, KAP etc) ever find their way into the increasingly rigid curriculum of schools in the UK........or even into some university archaeology departments?
Maybe Balla School could help with some outreach work with universities ;oO

Primary schools in Scotland are increasingly taking up kite aerial photography, with an Archaeology/KAP, CPD course planned for teachers in West Lothian by Archaeology Scotland, at the Oatridge Campus of SRUC.

Glasgow School of Art, a leader in virtual 3D modelling, now has a Kite Society. A member of the Society, an archaeologist, was present at Balla.
Three recipients of our National Scheme are postgraduate students at the GSA.

A visit to Roscommon Castle proved useful too!

[Image: roscommon340b.jpg]


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