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Nat Geo Nazi Diggers Show.
Many of you ( who populate Facebook) will know of the growing concern and disgust over this show.

many people are making a hell of a fuss about the disgusting way this TV show ( made by a UK company) is promoting conflict archaeology... ! really!

to catch up

to give you an idea of how bad this is. the "Archaeology" programme -- THESE ARE THE SUPERVISORS to help the amateurs make teh tv..

be prepared... when I first was this I was unable to watch the whole of it.

I assumed this was going to be a thread about that appalling-looking National Geographic programme where they are apparently yanking the bones of dead soldiers out of ground in the name of edutainment, but no it's something even worse.

I just watched it without the sound, and it was still pretty disturbing! Who are these people and where is it?

On the bright side, it probably won't be long before they hit some unexploded ordnance and are blown to pieces. Perhaps that's what the TV company are hoping as it would make great telly.
This is the Latvian group that seem to be hit and miss. sometimes doing good work and sometimes doing horrific work... they are the ones that supervised the Nat Geo crew
yep, defo grave robbing/looting in my mind
BAJR Wrote:This is the Latvian group that seem to be hit and miss. sometimes doing good work and sometimes doing horrific work... they are the ones that supervised the Nat Geo crew

Interesting- while i was watching i couldnt help remembering some videos that appeared on youtube a couple of years ago showing "russian archaeologists" that would use explosives, rakes and nets to trawl the bottom of rivers and drag up things like machine guns and other military equipment. Some of the "diggers" look similar- particularly those in combat fatigues.

Like most of the forum members, what disturbs me is the disdain the "diggers" are treating the remains, but additionally it looks to me like the remains are not only from the invading forces, but also of the Soviet defenders. Now Im sure there are many in Latvia nursing grievances for what happened on the Eastern Front, and maybe would treat remains of old enemies in such a way, but it seems theres additional disinterest in the Soviet remains (and even possibly remains of fathers grandfathers and other family members) also- I believe the object that causes all the whoops appears to be metal insignia from a Soviet uniform of some kind?

What I did appreciate was the religious service held at the end of the "dig"- is that a standard feature of British Battlefield excavations also?
One hopes that the way the remains were treated was out of ignorance of the proper way. and they need support from outside to train them properly. yes they find tags .. but the rest is a mess. -- and the now postponed Nat Geo show.. shone a spotlight onto this that needs to be maintained.

in relation to the query... here is an example ( at Fromelles )

"The reinterment phase concluded on 19 July 2010 when Her Excellency, Ms Quentin Bryce AC, Governor General of Australia, His Royal Highness Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, government representatives, relatives and 5500 spectators watched as soldiers from the Australian and British Armies laid the final soldier to rest. The ceremony was televised around the world and was a fitting conclusion to several years of remarkable work.

There is one more phase of the project still to be concluded. It is the ongoing work of the Fromelles Project team to identify as many of the men who were laid to rest at Fromelles as possible. To date 119 have been identified by name – all Australians – and the joint identification work will continue until 2014 in the hope that more might be identified."

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