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Is single context recording the only way?
BAJR Wrote:
Quote:terminus post quem
never come to terms with that
It's easy, just remember which way it sounds like TPQ and TAQ should be applied and then remind yourself that they actually work the opposite way. That's how I do it, anyway...when I can't avoid the terms altogether.

I agree, barkingdigger! "Earliest possible date" and "latest possible date" are certainly clearer.
Head has just exploded Smile

Earliest possible date! yes... I get that!
( as a matter of fact which one is it?
TPQ = earliest possible date.
TAQ = latest possible date. is a handy reference!
barkingdigger Wrote:Hmmm. I can see the merit of names for stuff. The thing I was referring to was the spurious "academia-snobbery" babble of terminus post quem and its kin, which is just aimed at confusing the unwashed masses and reinforcing the role of elite "experts" - not exactly the way to go if archaeology really wants to be inclusive rather than exclusive. And don't even get me started on "paradigm"...
yep there is an endless list, often used wrongly and often used to obfuscate the lack of evidence for the point being made
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers

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