Poll: Is Israel an Apathied state?
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32 91.43%
3 8.57%
Yes, but it's Ok because of security or some other reason
0 0%
Your not allowed to ask this question
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Other, detail in thread
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Total 35 vote(s) 100%
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Aparthied?? - with poll
In which case... to return to the original question is the world full of bad folk... yup... is it full of good people... yup... does it have all the bits in between? yup.

Will boycotting archaeologists make a difference. nope.

I for one will continue talking to both Palestinian and Israeli that is willing to talk. and at teh end of the day... they better want to talk about archaeology... as politics is way to divisive, derisive and succeeds only in flag waving.

For me.... I will fight Eric Pickles first....

For some reason when I think of Eric Pickles the last scene from the original Wicker Man comes to mind}Smile
Wax Wrote:For some reason when I think of Eric Pickles the last scene from the original Wicker Man comes to mind}Smile


All good points. An enjoyable discussion. Interesting differing views. I'm fascinated by the politics/events in that region..............not sure why, maybe as it seems so incomprehensible how people can be so crappy to each other.

Cheers for the links hosty.

and yes, keep on talking.....(as per the old BT advert)......
Quote:how people can be so crappy to each other.

Something that never does anything bu fill me with bafflement too. in general. will continue to be non-crappy Wink

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