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Gagging Law

Dear GK,

I wanted to let you know straight away. I'm afraid we lost the gagging law vote in the House of Lords this evening. That's it - it's going to become law.

It couldn't have been closer. On the final vote, 245 Lords voted in favour and 245 against. Unfortunately the rules mean that in the case of a tie, the government gets its way.

Personally I feel pretty devastated about this. I'm worried about what it means for the future of 38 Degrees. More importantly, I'm worried about what it means for the future of democracy, and what it tells us about the state of British politics.

But I also feel proud of everything 38 Degrees members did together to fight this. I hope you do too.

There will be a lot of thinking and discussion to be done in the coming days. 38 Degrees members will need to pull together to think about how to fight this terrible law. And we'll need to work out how we can keep standing up for all we believe in - despite the restrictions the government is trying to impose.

But right now, I feel sure of one thing. We won't give up.

Sorry I'm not emailing with better news, and thank you for everything you've done,


PS: 38 Degrees members are discussing the outcome on Facebook. You can join in at

Here's some of the comments so far:

Peter: I am Spartacus. Who's with me?

Zoë: sad news, let's keep fighting to change it

Kirsty: The government shouldn't even be allowed to vote on something like this.... it should be a vote left to the general public. Of course the government want us mute so this is no surprise

Peter: I strongly believe there should now be a coordinated campaign of civil disobedience. During the election campaign, all those organisations that stood against this atrocious and illiberal legislation should simply ignore it and campaign as usual. Maybe with a campaign fund set up to help defend the smaller organisations.

Liz: Gradually democracy is being eroded. The arrogance of this government is beyond belief.
Can we have more info on this?

I'm really interested, but know very little.

Is there a link to the draft act rather than the popular press's take??
try this one;

(enjoy :0)
says I need a password??!!!
Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014
skimmed through (devils advocate) seems all good to me. Seems to just state that:

if someone gets paid to lobby the government on someone elses behalf, then they should be on a register.

and, it also states that any bribes made to MP's etc (oh, ahem, I mean payments) should be declared.

I didn't see a problem?
But Jack, don't you know Transparency will undermine our democratic freedoms? :o)

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