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FOI on carpark burials in Surrey
Most intriguing....

More details unearthed about Godalming car park skeletons

During routine archaeological surveys in March a number of skeletons were discovered. A Freedom of Information request has shed more light on the discovery

Papers released under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed more details about the burial ground discovered under a Godalming car park last year.
An archaeology specialist has described the find as “exciting” and a “matter of huge public interest”, but Waverley Borough Council is gearing up for continuing with its affordable housing development at the Station Road site as soon as possible.

Get Surrey reported in March that while routine archaeological surveys were being carried out for the development, a number of skeletons were discovered.
Information sent to Surrey County Archaeological Unit, reveals that more than 20 human skeletons were in fact unearthed.

read on:

The oriignal archaeological DBA and WSI for this project. page 19 for the good stuff. Surrey CC archaeological team seem to be right on the ball here and the findings from the evaluation are pretty much on the line of what the DBA suggests [URL=""][/URL]
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
So the question is... what is the news report's angle
BAJR Wrote:So the question is... what is the news report's angle
I agree David. Actually this is the second case this year (Southend BC?) where the CBA have been drawn in as 'Rent-a-Quote' and in doing so have undermined the professionalism of the archaeological team working on the site. As you say there does seem to be a news angle here, but toi be honest its hard to see what it is. Even the Waverley Council website now has a statement suggesting that this a work in progress rather than the 'crisis' suggested by the news article, so it becomes more confusing as to the motives of Surrey's 5th estate.....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Agreed. I wonder whether it is acceptable to have Mike be quoted on subjects regarding commercial archaeology and whether the CBA has a policy on perhaps passing this onto a more suitable organisation? I do see what he was tryingt o say - it just comes out wrong... or is quoted wrong. At teh end of the day it reads bungling archaeologists miss burial ground until bodies pop up and then cost us the tax payer 60k ... nice !
Looks like a local hack trying to make a name for him/herself...It seems to be all under control...

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