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Advice please!
I`ve been running an Academy based community archaeology and cultural heritage project for a while now.........lots of really inspired members from 11 years old to 70 and numbers are growing rapidly. Very exciting excavation coming up this year but more on that laterWink

I`m appealing to your years of experience as I have stumbled across an extraordinary talent amongst our ranks. Andrew mentioned that he dabbled with art as a hobby so I sent him home with a flint core, a chunk of Samian and a book on archaeological illustrating. What he brought back took my breath away. I genuinely thought he had photographed the finds. I can`t begin to describe how talented this man is. Would you please have a think about what advice I can give to Andrew-he is looking for work (not as a part of our Society by the way) and as the world of illustration is a foreign land to me as a humble digger...... I would hugely appreciate your assistance!

With many, many thanks and the very best of wishes to you all for a prosperous (and rain-free:0) 2014.
Come on guys, there must be someone? [sadly not me though :-(]
Wish I could help - it's great to encourage and support talent where possible. Sadly all aspects of archaeology are pretty alien to me at the moment. I wish him the best of luck though.
Have you tried contacting the Graphics Archaeology Group of the IfA?
They are probably the best people to ask about establishing a career in Archaeological graphics....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...

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