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Evaluating Digital Dwelling film - a new way to interpret the past.
I suspect, but of course can't prove it, that they might well be able to recognise the concepts if not the actual practice. I think there have been themes, ways of looking at and trying to understand and deal with the world around us, and ways of processing these things that have not altered much since the earliest of humans. Well, that's my view, and I'm sticking with it until someone can give me a better counter-view. So there. Wink
I suspect what all humans share is the way their brains are wired (excluding those individuals whose wiring is not standard). We are predisposed to interpret and interact with the world in certain ways. The social and cultural set up we are born into or choose to join will then dictate how that is expressed. So if I was transported as an infant into any human society at any point in time I would develop normaly and be fully intergrated into that society. Might not work if I was transported into a Neanderthal social group
@ tool - you and wax seem to have provided an appropo response to your previous post
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers

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