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Metal Detecting Q&A
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Beer Beast

DAZ, thank you for the contribution. I must add to a post from PMP from an earlier post, I'm a post med specialist, where do you place the emphasis on later historic ferrous artefacts?

Hi Beerbeast,

Having re-read what i think is the post you mentioned by Post Medieval Potter, i must admit i do agree with his summing up of Detecting Practices! to much emphasis is indeed placed upon the non ferrous items and not enough on ferrous items that would indeed indicate industrial activity in a localised area, the train of thought on early Industrial Archaeology is quite often forgotten by Detectorists, just like Pottery and Bone can indicate human prescence, ferrous items such as bloomery deposits can also do the same and i think it is an avenue more than worthy of further exploration.After speaking with local Archaeologists at the SMR and asking what they would like to see and guaging their reactions to specific finds i now tend not to take in coins or artefacts that i tend to find and are widely associated with Detecting, i now take finds that are a complete mystery and can be so blank in appearance but are held with the same esteem as the nice Roman Fibula that was found on the same field,these finds are all G.P.S ed just like the others as it can provide a more complete background of an area or a particular field.However when i record findspot locations with G.P.S i do not record the positions of every single Victorian coin i find but rather prefer to provide a spectrum of finds from all periods, but Industrial age finds do feature prominently in my yearly reports to the SMR.

Best Wishes

Hi Muddy

Your local detecting club can be a good source of knowledge on the local detecting scene, however bear in mind though that club places are limited and there are probably as many and probably more active local independant detectorists as there are club members in your area, of which the club is more than likely not familiar with.

I will send some details of machines to you..

Interesting post Daz, I think it was on the PASF (or the UKDN, I forget as it was a while back) that I tried to initiate a discussion on Industrial Archaeology and Metal Detecting, but it appeared that only one or two had an interest in this area... shame as I find this quite fascinating myself.
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Steve-B

Interesting post Daz, I think it was on the PASF (or the UKDN, I forget as it was a while back) that I tried to initiate a discussion on Industrial Archaeology and Metal Detecting, but it appeared that only one or two had an interest in this area... shame as I find this quite fascinating myself.

Hi Steve!

Yes i think it was indeed discussed briefly on PAS, Post Medieval Potter has raised a valid point though,this area of Archaeology is quite often forgotten about amongst our ranks and i agree with you Steve this area is indeed fascinating.Georgian and Victorian finds of both Metallic and Non Metallic are very common to my locale and this year i have taken finds to the SMR such as inscribed nails and Pot Sherd which i was informed was 19th Century Land Drainage [:I]but it was decorated [?] i have since donated this to the SMR to see if they can shed anymore light on this,but i have never tried searching for ferrous deposits. I think that Industrial Age Archaeology maybe largely forgotten about amongst Detectorists because it maybe a misconception on our part that Archaeology/Archaeologists are only interested in areas of Prehistory and the known history such as the Industrial Age has already been covered.

Best Wishes

Hi Beerbeast!!

Many thanks for that!!Big Grin and i will take you up on that offer

Thanks in advance and a happy new year to you,hosty and to all on BAJR

Metal dectectors are not illegal to buy / sell in ireland but unlicenced use of them on or near an archaeological site and or unlicenced disturbance of soil (topsoil or otherwise)in such areas is illegal.
all chance finds must be notified to police national museum etc asap, unfortunately the fines and penalties for not reporting fines are out of date and no monitoring takes place of suspected illegal dectorists. the ideal is beautiful - no loss of findspot or contextual information through ignorant use of the device.

however, human nature being what it is, illegal detecting does take place and the ineviteble result is that the spoils are offered for sale on e-bay or one of those shops across from the british museum etc. the other problem is that information on findspots of these artefacts is continually lost because illegal detectorists will not hang themselves by reporting a find.
How to slove this problem?

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