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Upwards to 2014
...thought of Storm Troopers in high-vis yellow (or maybe that hideous high-vis ?lilac? you can get) has brought a ray of sunshine into my week though :face-approve:
Dinosaur Wrote:My 2014 seems to be going sideways so far this week, task on Tues postponed to whenever, task on Weds put back to Thurs...clients!! other professions have to put up with this? :face-crying:
Yes. In my programmer/web developer life, clients often postpone stuff. Sometimes indefinitely.
Finally got 99% of Weds job out of way yesterday (and, bizarrely and due to a cock-up by the contractors, part of a completely separate up-coming job as part of another scheme for a different client - long story), but, typically, there's just that little tiny bit of roadside verge left that needs monitoring months/years down the line, if the site manager remembers to phone up first, and which is the most interesting bit of the site...aaahhh! Sad

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