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how many archaeologists does it take to change a light bulb?
Don't forget to check the Scheduled/Listed status of the bulb! If designated, you'd also need a heritage consultant to fill out an application, bods from EH to assess the impact, and the Secretary of State to sign off on the permission! Might be easier to buy a candle...
You'd need to add in a few more archaeologists (an infinite number?) following publication of the light bulb replacement. These could then produce their own interpretations of the the lightbulb: was it there to light a room? or was it in fact "ritual" and a representation of a sun deity?
Are the breaks ancient or fresh and how big should the gathering of huddled smokers be to discuss this, and indeed how to improve handling practices and avoid a repeat? [not exactly part of the replacement process but means people who's business it is in no way part of can also get involved]
Someone should check the archive to shed some light on how the bulb was changed on previous occasions.
...assuming the museum hasn't 'mislaid' the archive... :face-crying:

...can add five or six museum staff (and untold numbers of volunteers) conducting a search for it? :face-approve:
None whatsoever. Instead a fully qualified electrician will do it and helpfully add a wee sticker denoting the dd/mm/yy it was done and when the the next safety check should be done?
Killjoy Sad
alisdair Wrote:...electrician will do it and helpfully add a wee sticker...

I'm not an electrician but surely putting a sticker on a light bulb will degrade the performance of the bulb as less light will get out.
My brother who is an electrician frequently has tales of exasperation about work and has plenty of stories about how many people/electricians it takes to change a lightbulb - because it ain't always that simple.
Would the sticker need to be one of those waterproof ones impregnated with biocides? (which fell off the sample tubs in storage anyway - we went back to using good old-fashioned paper ones)
duhhhh, you lot are stupid. archaeologists cant change a light bulb - unless they also happen to be a magician (or for gavin smartipants - they otherwise affect chemical/molecular composition by for example dropping it into a furnace or acid bath)
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers

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