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judge and jury
I just wondered here on bajr if there was away that I could put a post up and then close the tread . I would only use it to make myself look a right so and so, obviously.
Reason: your past is my past
Sorry you did not look at your messages

I did hope you would have the decency to reply to that obviously not.
sorry did not notice messages because they were not there before I posted my first of two now disappeared comment /fred. As for decency I would humbilly suggest that you are the one posting and then not allowing any right of comment on this forum. but let us not quibble about the meaning of decebcy. Ju accuse you of using this forum for your own agenda. If you want to ban someone -just do it. I am used to that, you have done it countless of times to me. but I don't remember you then setting up a post to say that you where doing somethingy and then closing the fred. In the past when you have kicked me into the long grass there has been people who brought up your hipocracy.... I really don't care about who ever it is that you are getting all bloussey about and I am finding it hilarious to think that there is anybody out here who gives a monkey ....not that there is anybody left in the archaeology building. echo echo...... as for your worry about " I will not risk BAJR" is there realy that much left to risk?
Reason: your past is my past
Thanks for that.

To explain. the is the BAJR Forum - run by and hosted by BAJR - therefore having a BAJR "agenda" ( whatever this dark evil is? ) is actually quite reasonable. What your agenda is however is more clear. as it is often repeated.

The first thread ( by the way, if you want to be serious, could you try and act/write like a grown up ) was a statement to those that I would not be able to reach via phone and email. -- this has been done. and there was no requirement for added comment as it would just descend into speculation and name calling - you comments that named companies and brought up your parrot like "pension grabbing" line was an example of that. and for that reason it was deleted. I did not think I had to ask everyone personally as it was implicit in the first thread. You then choose to ignore and have yet to reply to the two personal messages asking you to stop. That is of course your right. you can ignore requests, and even make fun of me and my requests as well as openly call me a hypocrite and getting 'blousey'

Fair enough.

As you don't care and find this hilarious. --- I certainly don't --- then you won't mind leaving BAJR. You may think there is nothing left to risk, but you are projecting your own issues. I am glad you feel the ability to say these things on the BAJR forum, and insult myself -- by hiding your name. I am sure you would be less likely if you had to say this as yourself.

You could have shown me a modicum of respect and replied.

David Connolly
@UO1 > -ve kudos(very!)(tsk tsk tsk(thricely sir!!!))
@BAJR >as i was possibly the only other to reply to that 'fred', just like to say that i stand by "3cheers BAJR", and reiterate [B]BAJRs bussiness is legitim
I dunno, go out for a 'one-day' bit of monitoring [that actually took all of last week] and miss all the fun! Sad
THanks people.

One can only understand the care I have to proceed with - and thanks for teh nod Gnome. and glad to see Dino there... was worried he had succumbed to the Northern Chills Smile --- ps a nice little story from a Yorkshire Sewer is on the News page Smile
Aye, the best chillis come from 't North }Smile

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