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Removal of a company from BAJR
This is kind of a heads up warning to those who know - that I will soon be removing a company from BAJR. they will be unable to place adverts and are removed from the contractors register. The reasons are various and serious enough for me to take this action. Some of the reports that have been coming in for various sources relate to activities that have taken place over a number of years and have yet to stop.

I am giving people some time to decide on their best action. --- do please get in touch if you need to talk ---- I have already discussed with a few people already.


This is not a discussion thread. It is a statement.
Please refrain from speculation and comment - the reason this thread is locked.

It is for people to know that it is happening and allow them the time to act accordingly.

A carefully worded statement will be posted soon. and again, it is not up for discussion. it is not something I like to do, however, feel I have no other option. You can infer and discuss in your own time - just not on here. It is not the place for it.

And no it is not an RO... which would have been an easier process.

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