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I stand by my answer to #1.

Archaeology doesn't feed anyone (least of all those undertaking it?...) and it doesn't build houses. Instead, its value lies in the one thing that separates us from the animals and makes us human - the desire to understand more than just the world immediately surrounding us! We do it to scratch the itch of itellectual curiousity that all thinking folk have, and the success of Time Team demonstrates just how widely spread that itch can be. It's more important than ever these days to remind the powers-that-be about the need for society to indulge in this seemingly non-essential pursuit because it is indeed "good for the soul".
Tool Wrote:Hi Hamish. Just to freak you out, I think we have met. But to keep the element of suspense which sustains every story, I won't say where. }Smile

I'm not freaking out as I've met so many people in my lifetime it is impossible to remember them all, some of the other occasional contributors to this forum are people I've met / Know / was at university with.
We study archeology to know who we were, to know where we have come from. To know how we progresses through the ages. It gives us a cultural identity.

We study history so we can see the mistakes our ancestors made, so these same mistakes will not be made again.

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