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Xmas is coming - what do you want from Santa's sack
Did you get a good price on the trade-in?
A couple of years ago, whilst sight-seeing in Bulgaria. I wandered into a cathedral and was 'cleansed' of all my sins by a bearded Orthodox priest (who happened to speak English with a fine London accent as he thrashed me about the head with some kind of herb bush). I made sure his absolution included all of my archaeological sins over the years!! For about the 5 minutes it took to find the nearest bar and to sink into my first large vodka and tonic of the day, I felt curiously light headed. Weight of responsibility has a curious effect of keeping ones feet on the ground.....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
You? Archaeological sins? World's fallen out of my bottom, or some such!...

I'd like, for next Xmas now, a set of small bottle-brushes with bristles right to the end, for those tricky skull-fragment cleaning moments where there's mud in deep crevices - seem to be spending the Yuletide season dealing with bags of the stuff, all in sticky clay Sad

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