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Our own personal archaeological archives.....Any ideas?
Jack Wrote:This has always been a problem with Humans, how to pass on information without losing too much.

Much has been lost in mouldy journals piled in the crumbling cellars of publishing houses or museum/private collections and scrolls from the ancient libraries cast aside by new rulers.
Much knowledge is discovered, lost, forgotten, re-discovered, re-lost.

At the moment, if you forgive me for using such a crude term, the Cloud - i.e. mass storage on the internet - is the only answer. Well until someone builds that giant super-quantum-computer orbiting library of course.

Never looked into mass online storage or the costs, but I use my mail account(s) as a temporary - semi-permenant data storage.

However, I would have thought it would be fairly easy to either a) set up your own external hard drive storage (memory is always cheap) with back ups?
b) set up a constituted society, that folks can donate to, to pay for cheap or free storage of vast amounts of data on a cloud sever or something similar?
All you need is a constitution, some members and a society bank account.
Once that's set up you can then start applying for grant money,
Start running 'research projects' on your data.
Of course each project needs a project manager.....the usual going rate for project management fees is what, 10%.
Once your project managing several enough projects your getting quite a tidy income.

Well that's my retirement plan anyway }Smile

That and publishing my time-traveling diaries.

As far as I'm aware, and I'm about as computer-literate as a small boiled cabbage, small-volume cloud storage is free, but again, larger volumes cost. But, it does sound like a good idea. The whole concept sounds good to me - I'd certainly be interested in reading people's thoughts on archaeology. There is always a danger that peer-reviewed, or published interpretations in general, err towards the safe. It's good once in a while to have that challenged.

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Our own personal archaeological archives.....Any ideas? - by Tool - 29th November 2013, 08:40 PM

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