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Jobs in British Archaeology 2012-13
kevin wooldridge Wrote:I too find it useful for much the same reasons as Sadie suggests.....but maybe Doug you could clarify one thing (because I am sure there are some people reading this who aren't seeing the whole picture)...Am I right in thinking that the Jobs in British Archaeology survey is based entirely upon jobs that have been ADVERTISED in the period 2012-13 and isn't necessarily an indication of wage levels within the profession as a whole? I'm not suggesting there is a great deal of difference, except that my experience is that most advertised jobs are at the lower end of the pay scale and most staff already in post receive a little bit more (sometimes a lot lot more)...

Yes- advertised. And it takes the mid-point of scales so if pay is 15k-16k the midpoint is 15500. In the article I briefly discussed that I think this sort of averaging is a good indication of actual pay. In this years Profiling the Profession I took a small section to look at the numbers presented by JIB against the PP numbers so essentially two separate methods of gathering data. One is a survey (PP) and one looks at adverts (JIBA). I included a graph of this and it shows the numbers line up relatively close between the two data sources, within a couple of hundred quid. As those our are two sources of data- short of interviewing every single archaeologists, in my personal opinion this is probably a very accurate representation of those positions.

That being said I included numbers on positions like geophys and illustration and those numbers are really just anecdotal. There is just not enough info to really say much about in these positions. It doesn't help that there are only a handful of positions for these jobs. Also, some positions just are not advertised in JIS or BAJR so those positions tend to be left off e.g. why there are no academic jobs.

Hope that answers your questions.

A quick question for you kevin- I briefly went over that in the draft but was it too brief? Looking at the data and doing everything I feel like I might have blinders on. What makes sense to me might not make sense to others.
Hei Doug, no I don't think your explanation was too brief, but of course us long-stay boarders probably realise that your annual survey of job adverts falls between the larger Profiling the Profession surveys which try and collect data from wider sources. I just wondered whether newer/younger visitors to this house of pain might not have picked up that fact....I think its a great thing that you do here and I am very pleased that the original idea of myself and James Drummond-Murray way back in the early 90s is still being pursued....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
I figured as much but just checking. cheers.

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