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Profiling the Profession 2012-13 is Now Out
will try and workout the self-employs on adas but do quibble with the concept that the survey captures archaeologists who are very very diverse. I see archaeologists as people who create and control their own copyright and that copyright is the archaeological product which is pretty narrow minded I know. When I chuck that concept at the survey I have very little problem with people who call them selves self employed, specialists, (hate to say it) consultants but get a bit touchy about development control and anybody who works for national authorities and charities. This is exactly the same problems that the ifa has with defining archaeologists as individuals and has invented all manor of class of membership subservient to an organisation. This survey is for archaeological organisations hence the million pound turnover issue and that its quantified the individuals in salary terms.

I do like the attempt to link appendix3
Quote:Given that employment in applied archaeological practice has historically demonstrated strong links to the planning system (Aitchison 2012a: Chapter Three – Demand), an examination of granted planning applications was used as a proxy indicator.
as a first step. For the self-employed the small one day watching brief figures would be of interest particularly if I could be advised about them pre planning application and before the competition.
Reason: your past is my past

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