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mental health and archaeology - the damage done
[h=5]this was an important and long waited article from stuart rathbone;

I hope you will forgive me for reposting this link, however I have a special request. After the article went up a very well respected archaeologist from Northern Ireland wrote a very moving account of her own problems with job based stress. It was not the sort of response I had been expecting and I was quite blown away by it. Having spoken to her and gained her permission I will be including her comment in an appendix in a print version of this article that should be coming out next year. What I want to ask is that if any of you who have read it and relate to any of the issues raised would like to add an account of how you were affected then I would also include them in this appendix. It doesn't matter where you are from, let's make this a global thing. But if you can just explain quickly who you are and where you worked that would be very useful. If anybody did wish to add some testimony that would be fantastic and you can either enter it into the comments below the blog post or, should you wish to remain anonymous, just send it to me as a facebook message ( ) and I will include it with the necessary discussion.
Apologies again for the double post.[/h]
thanks stuart - i hope this is widely disseminated as i think it is an important and well-considered contribution. it is of course too easy to propogate the facile view that our industry is one of the few remaining havens for inteligent people with mental health issues, i have often been guilty of such lazy inuendo, but it does often seem that we have set ourselves up to exploit this aspect of our genre. we should take these issues seriously for our own betterment - there is no archaeology without an archaeologist.
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers

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