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IFA Council elections
Hi all,

How many of us here are also IfA members? I know there a few at least...and hope they will be exercising their democratic right to vote in the Council elections!

With that in mind, it may be worth thinking about voting for digger-friendly candidates. The Diggers' Forum have two of our Committee members standing this year so you know what you have to do. Vote for Mary Neale (our Chair) and Sophie Jennings (our Treasurer) and they will help us keep the concerns of the great unwashed at the forefront of IfA Council business.

Sorry David for the blatant electioneering, but as you know we need to keep the numbers on Council now more than ever.


When are the voting papers due out Sadie?
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Hi Kevin,

Members may have received an email with the papers as an attachement? Or in the post any minute now hopefully...I can send you the attachment if you want - email me at work...

i dont know any of the candidates on the ballot paper, i have never read anything they have written or heard anything they have said. whilst i might be naturally inclined to vote for a df candidate as i favour a better balance, i do not know if a better balance will be achieved by not voting for the other candidates.
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