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What has EH ever done for us?
Fotune favours those that are non bitter... Uo1 is a voice.. a voice of ________________ fill in desired word. English Heritage. like Historic Scotland and CADW et al are what they are... try to separate those archaeologists still there and what you perceive.

I would say... more archaeology please in EH ! and definatley more in Historic Scotland. but at the end of the day... thinking that EH "make up lists of all the bits that make no statutory sense to exist" is a bit of a nasty thing to say...

Quote:Not entirely sure what heritage advice should be to a government, reminding them what the law is?
now that however.. does need discussion... you see.. Uo1 does find the diamond in the turd Wink
Weegie Wrote:Just like I use my NTS card to get into NT sites. }Smile Yes, there will be a Whitby publication, including the cliff-top, HLF excavations and the enclosed cemetery. Should be a cracker.

Can't wait, will make my life a whole lot easier :face-approve:

You might want to avoid the place though these days, was absolutely rammed with tourists on Thursday, never seen it so bad, and can't even begin to guess how busy the weekend was, the moors road was solid caravans heading in that direction while we were leaving :0
Uo1 does find the diamond in the turd Wink =this is not an easy relationship we have pal. hosty What do you want from a national advisor to the government of the day. Power of place?
Reason: your past is my past

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