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Archaeology abroad - advice please
Hello all,

I'm after some advice about archaeology/heritage jobs abroad and wondered if any of you could help me?

My other half, who doesn't work in archaeology/heritage, has a job interview for a company in Ireland soon (found out yesterday). If he is successful I would move over to Ireland (Dublin area) with him.

What are the rules/regs of working in archaeology in Ireland? Do I need to get a licence? What's the job market like?

Any help/advice would be great Smile

I'm not sure, I've never worked there..............but I heard several rumours
There is a fair amount of cross border work between NI and Ireland with archeo firms. So many that work in UK also work in Ireland (rubican/old headland ireland, is the big one that comes to mind but any firm in NI also does work in ireland). However, the job market is complete and utter S$#%(##%$. They have a profiling the profession piece coming out soon on exact numbers but rumor was that it is now below 100 archaeologists working in all of Ireland.

That may be a bit of an exaggeration but not by much. It is truly dire there if you are looking for archaeology work.
It is indeed fecked... Ask to join this group on Facebook
But is worse down south. The numbers of Field Archs left in less than 100 terrible
Thanks for the heads up Jack, Doug and Mr. Hosty.

I best polish up my transferable skills then.
As the others said, the job market is almost non-existent following the onset of the recession - the vast majority of archaeologists I worked with are now either in the UK or have left the industry (or both). In terms of a licence, this is required for only for site directors/managers rather than site assistants/supervisors. I don't know what level you would be intending to work at, however in order to gain a licence it would be necessary to demonstrate both an ability to run sites and an in-depth knowledge of Irish archaeology. It probably wouldn't be something to aim for straight away.

Hope that helps and best of luck.
Thanks Ferris,
I would be going in at assistant level and I also have experience in post-ex work.

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