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Recruitment dilemma - please help
hi guys. the spaniads and greeks (all female kel) cant quite manage written english so i have developed esperanto context sheets - seems to be working ok but who knows? local lads are all clammering to come back self-employed for half what they were on previous, but i'm not sure that this would not be exploitation. all advice welcome
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
It's a free market so entirely up to you. If you can fulfill the WSI with the euro crew why not.
If you want to replace them with 'locals' who will charge less, again, as long as the WSI is fulfilled and you follow the stated dictates on all contracts and current legislation why not?
The only thing holding you back is your own morals and the reputation of your business................

Besides its not like there is any kind of enforceable regulation or (RO) anything [dig] }Smile
Lay them all off, build some wooden sheds and kit them out with bunks and some gas stoves and charge rich Americans to come and experience the unique atmosphere whilst digging up our amazing British Heritage. Frisk them for finds before they go home and charge extra for the privilege of your weekly site tour. Oh and charge the client a bit extra for that unexpected post ex analysis you need to doWink
It's just starting to sound contrived and unrealistic now. Actually, what I am saying, I get it now, it's like the Roger Cook report, in digest form.
guys, dont talk to me about green shoots, work is pouring in so fast i have had to hire anyone who can prop up a shovel: no problem on the per person per day jobs but a bit trickier on the fixed price stratified sites. luckily council cutbacks mean the mounties rarely show up and even when they do they turn out to be the new generation pifas i hired before - phew, no need for archaeologists at all nowadays?
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
All you need is a machine-driver who knows how to get the trenches really clean and properly test that natural, bit taller sections but a lot less wear-and-tear on the digging tools and saves on finds bags, pervitrace and PX budget Wink
P Prentice Wrote:phew, no need for archaeologists at all nowadays?

You really are Unit of One after all!

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