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Recruitment dilemma - please help
i need to find some archaeologists fast. the clients window has changed and i will lose this job if i can not respond. i've exhausted all the usual avenues and the only people available have less than 6 months digging experience.
on the one hand there are a few local lads who can shift muck all day, have no degree but dont mind being donkeys for the site po who is old school work hard and drink hard, they cant drive and will have to be ferried to site.
on the other hand there are a clutch of female archaeology graduates, new generation pifas, who live miles away but can drive themselves to site. their cvs suggest they volunteered at local units whilst studying but dosent amount to much.
the site is a hard slog quarry job with some big fat prehistoric enclosures and a massive waterlogged section which will need constant pumping.
they need to start tomorrow - who should i hire?
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
LOL you should employ a decent Site manager who has a list of previous employees and local people who can be contacted in such cases

personally I would take both. degrees are not taht important in a digging job... unless knowledge of byzantine trade routes in 5th century Aegean are important to you. what you need here is experience and commitment. you need people who know how to move earth and to do it in an archaeological way. the way the question is couched it is actually impossible to answer properly. as it seems to imply that females can't shift muck and males can't drive. it implies females are all PIFA ( how did they get PIFA without experience by the way) and a lot of other things...

Basically in this impossible situation , the client will have to wait, as they are not going to get anyone else at this stage, and they are the ones who move the window. SO I will pick the best people for the job - who I should already have anyway when I first won the contract.

If this is a real situation, then gawd help us all Smile
P Prentice Wrote:i need to find some archaeologists fast. the clients window has changed and i will lose this job if i can not respond. i've exhausted all the usual avenues and the only people available have less than 6 months digging experience.

I don't seem to recall an advert for this job on BAJR so I am guessing 'exhausting all the avenues' stops short of advertising openly for the positions....I also take David's point that there is an implicit stereo-typing in the scenario you outline.....but that said I am pretty certain that if you offer an outstanding salary/fee (to take account of the short-notice advert) and throw in good accommodation, you will be inundated with applications........from both horny-handed sons of the soil with driving licences as well as PIFA members of the fairer sex who might need a lift to get to site....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Huum! Is this a wind up? As the biggest insult PP uses on Unit of 1 is to call him/it/her she. I wonder is PP trolling? Ladys can shift s... along with the rest. If its for real I agree with Hosty take both. As tomorrow is Sunday I hope they will get over time!
Ooh, exams :face-approve:

I'd go for 50/50mix, whole group of one or other would probably rapidly lead to poisonous atmosphere on site anyway.

lads sound like needed to shift lots of s**t and the young ladies, apart from beiing transport, might impart some archaeological knowledge and would serve to rein-in some of the drinking bit etc - anyway, I've always found a competative element tends to creep in in situations like that so probably end up with the lasses out-shovelling and out-drinking the lads

PP - Not hanging around anywhere in the West Midlands are you, certain unit 'round there used to waste our time with s**t 'training scenarios' back in the '80s, seemed to think it was more useful than actually getting the site dug for some reason...
Wow! Take anyone that you can lay your hands on. It's really Hobson's choice. You either take the staff available or don't.
Hahaha - brilliant, comedy gold, can't wait for the plot summary for episode two. The title could do with a bit of work though, 'Two Men in a Trench' is gone, 'Bonekickers' was funny, but not in the right way, hmmm....
PPs 'site' sounds kinda fun though, maybe we could have a WSI competition if he provided a spec? Cool
I think PPs account has been hacked by Unit of 1, either that or they are one person.
That was suggested ages ago and neither denied it }Smile

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