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Newbie seeking advice
Metal detectors? Pretty handy for detecting metal... but much like every other piece of kit, rather dependant on the person using it.
Wow this thread is great entertainment. The banter between tool and UO1 should be dramatised as a sit com Smile

Yeah good luck tool. Right place, right time..........
Tool Wrote:And a ticket to drive a 360* machine.....Or were you born with a silver trowel in your mouth?

As Dirty Boy pointed out, Jackpot! :face-approve:

A 360* ticket pretty much is a silver spoon in field archaeology, am sure the digging-flat and only a half-inch at a time bit would soon come, I can do it so it can't be that hard, just a shame no one will get me the ticket to go with it Sad
Thanks Jack. Was probably a little naughty last night thanks to the shock and celebration juice... Apologies if anyone was offended. Maybe... WinkNow for the joy of reading all through the paperwork for employment. Fun...

@Dino, sadly it's only small machines - no-one would be insane enough to let me lose on a 30 tonner... But it might come in handy at some point.
Hi - first of all, congratulations! I'm really interested to hear how you get on. A little bit of a plug, but I am involved in the Institute for Archaeologists New Generation Special Interest Group. You'll hear and have heard lots about IfA, some good, some bad, but lets leave that aside for now! You may also hear of our group branded as 'the young people group', but that is not the case!
Our group exists to provide training, CPD and training opportunities for new entrants to the profession. Whilst this is usually uni students, we are keen to make links with people entering through non-degree routes (particularly through career changes). If you would like to find out more about us we are on Facebook, or please email us at We are relatively new ourselves, so would value input on the kind of things someone like yourself might find helpful (I've already noted glossary of archaeological acronyms...).
Hi Ben, thanks for that. I do have some issues though. And please understand that my views are shaped by a naturally cynical nature and a good few years experience of an industry where accrediting bodies, institutions, guarantors of this that and the other, that seem to exist mostly for the profit of those running them abound. I've looked at the IfA, I've seen that being connected can be an advantage when looking for work, I understand that they may try to fight for both the worker and the industry. But, and there is always a but... I also have a problem with the concept of having to pay to work (and in some respects all these bodies mean just that), and am unsure as to the actual benefits to both archaeologists and archaeology. Sorry if that sounds a little harsh, I'm willing to be converted.

All the best,
The Tool
Have been sitting back for now... as most have said all the right things and tool seems as grounded and sorted as you can be. and half luck and half being willing to put in teh work.

Tool has made my day as well with the replies to Unit. priceless... I luvs ya!

Enjoy the site... enjoy teh work and enjoy the start of a brand new career... Smile

Glossary of Acronyms is available here Ben. scary... that was 2004

and I will love to find out more about the mysterious IfA the Next Generation ( makes me feel like Capt Kirk ) fancy introducing it all on a new thread Smile :face-approve:
Thank you Sir for your kind words. I'm just a grumpy, cynical old git who's finally found something he enjoys doing and someone daft enough to pay him to do it. Which is nice. Where that leads, who knows... I will certainly be re-reading through your site and Guides over the next few days. I've found them most useful, and easier to digest than some of the text books. And I'm guessing, given what I've seen, read and heard about graduates and their general lack of practical experience, the company will be used to guiding the less experienced. I just hope whoever has the joy of overseeing me is as generous with their time and knowledge as virtually every other archaeologist I've met. I'll try not to bore you all too much with my excited ramblings over the next days and weeks...
Brilliant... I am sure that your excited posts on teh industrial site will be exciting to .zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mmmmph.. sorry I nodded off Wink
OK, daft question time - what kit would a newbie be expected to have with them on the first day? If any?

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