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Newbie seeking advice
Best I've seen was a site where we had rows of really deep (6 foot+) Neolithic postpits - the guys discovered that with a bit of bashing the broken handle off a hand-shovel could be splayed out to create a digging edge which got wedged onto the end of a stick, then the shovel-bit got bent to 90 degrees and wedged on the other end of same stick, and bobs-yer-uncle, remote digging/spoil removal implement.

The pairs of kiddies seaside buckets hung over a 6" nail near the top of the section to put the spoil in was, of course, merely the icing on the cake...
Being plonked on an eval on ground the like of which you've never experienced before is certainly a test of nerve and confidence in your own judgement when you're new to the game. So far no major duck-ups...

The Tool, somewhere in a bloody big field.
And the best way to get the company to bring more clipboards to site? Buy your own.Rolleyes
Welcome to Sod's world of archaeology }Smile

You'll find that on around 10% of sites the archaeology's a lot harder than the surrounding natural, strange but true...
Is it wrong that I'm still enjoying it though?
Tool Wrote:Is it wrong that I'm still enjoying it though?
No but now you are addicted it is really going to hurt when it stops (hopefully you have shown the bosses you are worth keeping on). Enjoyment might diminish in a long cold wet winter so invest in decent waterproofs and thermals and Norwegian hand cream.
Tool Wrote:Is it wrong that I'm still enjoying it though?
yes it is wrong, very very wrong, and one day you will remember these words and you will curse your ancestors for not leaving better record
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
sorry tool but just remember you are the fall guy/gurl.
Reason: your past is my past
One thing I have been cursing these last few days has been losing my trowel Friday afternoon! Most inconvenient having to rely on an old springy pointing trowel that's twice the size of the old WHS these last four days. Thankfully the replacements turned up today (thank you Past Horizons! [discount next time? Big Grin]). Yes, I ordered two this time for insurance! The old 'un was just starting to wear in nice, too. Sad

Unit - Fall guy I doubt, as that would look bad on those above me. Temporary and expendable is closer.
My main loss of trowels (and other cherished equipment) is people who've borrowed them not returning them Sad

Good thinking getting two, people who're perpetually borrowing trowels gradually lose popularity with their workmates :face-approve:

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