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The Kiss Goodnight for English Heritage
kevin wooldridge Wrote:It was given to the nation by Cecil Chubb in 1918...all he got out of the deal was a baronetcy from Lloyd George in 1919.

And stolen by EH....... who created the exclusion zone in league with the Tories and pigs.............
how does that work then. which nation, who do you address it to?. Say Scotland leaves do they get to keep a bit. And how does a nation own itself, maybe this could be a regular thing and the nation gives itself to itself on a regular bases

He gave Stonehenge to the nation on 26 October 1918. The deed of gift included the following conditions:
  • That the gate money for the remainder of the war should go to the Red Cross
  • That there should be free admission for residents of local parishes (Shrewton, Netheravon, Durrington and Amesbury), later extended to the seventeen parishes of the old rural district of Amesbury,
  • That the entry fee should be not more than a shilling, and
  • That no buildings or erection other than a peg or similar should be located next to the stones.
These covenants are no longer enforceable, although local residents still receive free admission. -does not say why this is so.
Reason: your past is my past
Jack Wrote:Who created the need for an exclusion zone?

Mrs Thatcher?
Steve H Wrote:Mrs Thatcher?

How so?

I was lurching towards the issue of damage and preservation of important archaeological information.

I hope most would agree that important sites need to be carefully managed including limiting and/or excluding access (Human, animal or plant) if this is/has caused damage?

Any one on here done archaeological conditions surveys and/or archaeological management plans?
The CAS excavation at Black Carts on Hadrian's Wall in the late 90s was partly justified in order to examine cattle-damage to the Vallum - simpler just to tell the farmer not to site his cattle-feeders on the bank? -fun dig though (one of Tony's) Smile
Jack is right anyone who has had to put together an archaeological management plan or has undertaken condition surveys will have many horror stories to tell of the "accidental" damage done by well meaning owners and members of the public.

The one that comes to mind is the visiting foreign Shamen who decided to undertake a ritual involving a bonfire in the centre of a stone circle in Cumbria never occured to him that he needed permission or that it might possibly cause some damage. My bete noir is farmers with a JCB "tidying" up lumps and bumps in the ground (that's without going into the herrendous damage a wide range of agricultural practices can cause). Ever tried removing paint from a soft sandstone monument? best not to even try and definetly a case for a conservator before you even think about the chemicals and a wire brush solution!
Quote:I was lurching towards the issue of damage and preservation of important archaeological information
3 January 1797 - Three of the stones making up Stonehenge fell due to heavy frosts :Munsell, Joel (1858). The Every Day Book of History and Chronology. D. Appleton & Co.

does that help
Reason: your past is my past
Unfortunately natural degredation is inevitable but that is no reason to encourage it or "un natural" degredation. We will loose elements of our past so all the more reason to make sure things are properly recorded etc. If we are going the take the negative view it is all going to be destroyed when the sun goes super nova and we as a species will be extinct long before then. If we were truely taking the long view we would be focused on getting out of this solar system and findig ways of getting by without a biological body. However I digress :face-topic:

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