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Its awfully quiet in here.........
Not much going on in here it here's something I've always pondered........

What's so great about democracy anyway.

Surely its just all about peer pressure and bullying?
These things happen from time to time. tis the nature of the ponderous beast. and sometimes it just lies down and dies. Smile

The Facebook section is fast paced and furious... or furiously fast paced... not sure... ANYWAY!

I had contemplated merging it into facebook, seeing as most people are there already - HOWEVER you can still be anon here... a nd that can be useful.

anyway... lets see. and as you are being dynamic. it may work... either that or I should say something dramatic... moderate myself and then disappear up my own voluminous backside Smile
Don't see the point of Facebook, lots of people lying about being friends with people they've never met....
who are you Smile

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