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Questions for IFA Conference
09.30 – 12.45
Organiser: Chris Clarke, IFA Digger’s Forum
Sponsored by:
Following the success of the session at the 2006 IFA Conference, the Diggers’ Forum is looking to continue
to raise awareness of issues and topics of direct relevance to those at the grass roots of archaeology.
This year’s session topic will be looking at training, an issue most are aware of, but few of us understand
the full potential it can hold. We all know that for those on temporary contracts, as well as for those
established within units, training opportunities are often few and far between or simply non-existent.
Units are often hesitant to spend money on staff training, where the work force is expected to have a high
turnover rate.
Such entrenched attitudes towards training among both employer and employee, leads to limited
advancement of current archaeological techniques. This is in addition to a steady rate of skills loss from
the industry. Ironically, this is in an industry that is permanently crying out for skilled labour.
So, where does the future of training lie within the industry?
You couldn’t ask David about the use of the mass army of skilled volunteers who are willing to help with detector surveys and are also willing to train people how to use them?
Or is that asking too much???
Recording OUR heritage for future generations.
Although the conf is over... the main themes were Training, Outreach and Training... So I would be happy to push this as another element.

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."

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