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And what did you do at school today?.......remote sensing!!!?
metal detecting, magnetic susceptibility, magnetic gradiometry, earth resistance, electrical resistivity tomography........... and kite aerial photography as part of the SNAPS!
But they are not in Scotland!!!?
When you come across a secondary school curriculum like this, the rules just do not apply ;o)[URL=""]
Along with our Trust, Balla Secondary School has just become an Associated Partner of ArcheoLandscapes Eruope (ArcLand):
The remote sensing module at this school is likely to have a significant impact on the educational curriculum in Ireland. The teaching is special in that it does not simply dump the subject on the students from their local archaeologist Kevin Barton, but integrates it into departments throughout the school. The programme is really quite magnificent and meeting the team in Dublin a few weeks ago was a joy ;o)
On the kite aerial photography side, other Counties in England and Scotland are now showing interest too along with regional heritage groups, which host activities for their local schools.
Interviews with some of the delegates at the conference:
From strength to strength:

.......but primary schools are increasingly taking up KAP too:

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