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local government pay offer
Local Government employers offer 2%. From LGE website.

Local government employers submit formal pay offer to unions
The Local Government Employers will today present their formal response to the union pay claim which was submitted to council bosses last month.

Council leaders will make an offer of a 2% pay rise for the next financial year in line with CPI inflation targets.

Cllr Brian Baldwin, Chair of the Employers' Side, said:

"The key aspect of this offer is to make sure that any pay settlement is affordable to the taxpayer and councils while at the same time making sure that local government continues to be an attractive place to work in.

"It must be borne in mind that if the pay settlement is set too high then local authorities will have to make unpleasant choices between cutting front line services and laying off staff, neither of which either the unions or the employers want to see.

"The Employers' Side will take a firm but fair line with the Trade Unions that the government has set a framework for public sector expenditure in the next few years which must be fully reflected in ensuring that pay does not rise above what is affordable and acceptable to local people."


Thanks for the update...VoR though Unison are considering strike action.

Could you clarify what point you are making though - are you agreeing with the 2% insult or just keeping us abreast - and will be going ahead with at least a 3% rise?


As a LG employee (albeit on a weekly contract!) I - along with millions of others feel glad that "local government continues to be an attractive place to work in" and our work is appreciated to such a 2% sized level.

"ensuring that pay does not rise above what is affordable and acceptable to local people" - seems to forget... we are the local people ..

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Making no point. Just giving info, if that's alright.
That's great... What do you think about it.?

It does not look good... and as you can see I am not that chuffed at that sort of comment from the Cllr Baldwin.

I at least thought a 3% would be reasonable if paultry... after all read the true cost of life

THE cost of living is rising faster than at any time for 11 years, squeezing family budgets and raising the prospect of widespread demands for better pay.

The Consumer Prices Index (CPI) leapt from 2.7 per cent in November to 3 per cent in December, according to official figures published yesterday.

The Retail Prices Index (RPI) - thought to be more representative of the cost of living because it includes mortgages - also rose steeply, from 3.9 per cent to 4.4 per cent.

But evidence from consumers suggests the true increases could be even higher than government figures suggest, as soaring fuel bills mean those on low incomes face disproportionate rises. Research by The Scotsman yesterday found all but one of a cross-section of consumers has experienced personal inflation higher than CPI.
How do I calculate my own rate of inflation?

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) this week unveiled an online inflation calculator which allows consumers to compare their own situation with the national average.

It can be found at:

Lets here some people own inflation costs..

is 2% enough? what about 3% - or is even 5% too little...

let us know... and once again... thanks VoR for pointing us to this

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
I wonder if Cllr Baldwin awarded himself the same measley 2%? Sad
Baldwin Balls

Some of his greater moments

Months after the refurbishment of the Trencherfield Mill engine, Opie’s Museum of Memories will be the first to close in April 2005 making way for the new developments.

It will be followed by the closure of the museum of Victorian life, The Way We Were.

The scheme, developed by Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council, has caused much concern amongst museum staff and volunteers.

Councillor Brian Baldwin, Wigan council cabinet member for culture argues that times have changed: "The heritage industry is not the draw it once was, especially since free entry to museums was reinstated," he said.
damn that free entry to kultoore!

Quote:quote: "The plans for the regeneration of the Wigan Pier Quarter are exciting and ambitious and the allocation of this funding means they will now begin to take shape. "This redevelopment will add to the prosperity of our borough in many ways through inward investment and new jobs through to top quality leisure and cultural experiences."
(by closing down cultural experiences I guess Sad

been here before? BBC News 6 July, 2002
Quote:quote:Refuse collectors, social workers, school meals staff and other council workers have been warned not to go ahead with a planned strike in a dispute over pay.
More than 1.4 million local government workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have voted for a series of one-day stoppages, with the first scheduled for 17 July.

Local authority employers had offered a 3% pay rise but the unions rejected it and demanded a rise of 6%.
So what does Brian say?
Quote:quote:Councillor Brian Baldwin, chairman of the employers' side, has said no council could afford the "exorbitant" claim and warned that thousands of jobs would be lost if the claim was accepted.

however... how much had they voted themselves?
Quote:quote:...councillors had voted themselves a 60% increase in their allowances and chief executives earned between £60,000 and £160,000 a year.
Ouch...a pitiful rise indeed

Lets come bang up to date..

14/02/2007 from

Quote:quote:Unions representing 1.3 million council workers submitted a pay claim for a 5% rise today with a warning that staff are "angry" about their wage rates.

Brian Strutton, of the GMB, said the claim is "sensible and reasonable" and is affordable as council employees have made over £3 billion-worth of efficiency savings in the past three years.

"We expect a very tough battle ahead, especially as the Chancellor has been trying to cap public sector pay awards at 2% when inflation is running at twice that level.

"Council workers have earned the right to a decent pay rise."

So what is the reply?

Quote:quote:Brian Baldwin, for the local authorities, said: "The employers will take a very firm line with the unions that the Government has set a framework for public sector expenditure in the next few years which must be fully reflected in ensuring that pay does not rise above what is affordable and acceptable to local people."

Unions said they could not rule out the threat of industrial action if the pay claim is not met.

Ah well...

Perhaps we should be glad we are not alone.

I am glad to say that I have had several statements of support - where the contractors will at least go to 3% (if not higher) rather than the 2% on offer. I do realise that some groups may be tied to unpleasant deals (is council units etc) but this is not their fault.

Pity that Unison did not get 5% after all! Then the rates would have gone up to the BAJR aspirational level. Companies can't fold - as that would be counter productive.. however if they can afford to (or are in a position to) raise wages .. then lets support them all. But lets not snipe at those that can't... there are often reasons... I don't know of too many people who just like keeping wages low for fun....

lets see what happens... but whatever does happen... I need you to stand by me.... or I could end up looking like a [:o)] or worse actually bring about the [xx(] of BAJR.

If you feel I am being unreasonble... you know where I am... tell me!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
SSadlidarity BrSadther! We went on strike and had our 2% imposed anyway. Most of the phrases I can think of to describe this kind of caring and thoughtful staff management contravene the AUP.
Quite agree with David that we need to support BAJR's efforts here.

I wonder how far BAJR members would be willing to go in support of archaeological members of Unison (local government) and Prospect (central government and others) who decide to take industrial action as a result of the derisory pay offer. Would BAJR supporters refuse to cross the picket lines of workers who take industrial action as a result of this derisory offer?

And how about if industrial action by archaeologists resulted in unfulfilled planning conditions that might bring pressure to bear on local authority employers by disgruntled developers? (Industrial action that could be co-ordinated with fellow Unison members in planning departments, building control sections, direct works sections etc etc)

Could the IFA be pressed to make a statement as to where they believe a below inflation pay increase puts their long term efforts to raise archaeological pay? Even if there was little that the IFA could do to as a result of this years shoddy deal, could they factor in an above average rise in their pay minima for 2008-2009 to at least keep archaeological pay in line with inflation? (at least 3.9% for the past year, approximately double the proposed pay increase).

Either BAJR and the IFA follows local government pay scales or it doesnt. Why not just call fOr another 20% pay rise on top of the 2%?

Oh go on then - sounds good to me

Seriously though.. a 3% pay deal seems erasonable... while a 5% seems (to some) affordable) the 3% rate is under inflation (depending on how you calculate it - or is it over) and the budget has shown that those that earn under 17k a year will be worse off.. and that seems to include the vast majority of archaeologists.

The choice is up to the individual though whether they want to follow a 2% a 3% or a 5% rise .. hell.. I bet somebody could go for a 20% rise (just kidding)

The Benchmarking will (touch wood) show that pay is too low (really! Ed) and has to rise.. but what it does have to do is rise in a way that does not crush companies out of existance.

The tricky bit!

The 2% has not been confirmed yet.. and strikes may follow (like in 2003 or was it 2?)

This is not going to be easy . and the nettle has to be graspped.. it's not my job to do that.. and I feel like a tin hat poked above the trench to catch sniper fire. So far only one glancing shot richochet has been fired in my direction.. the others seem happy with a 3% minimum.... For me.. I stick my neck out.. the pension thing... well thats a kettle of fish and a half.. all I ask for is complience with law..

I am either stupid or daft.. but hey... lifes a rollercoaster

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."

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