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Cartoooon he a poet
[h=5]Happiness is a warm MyCartoonVersionOfReality[/h]
Sad to say he be off on some sort of holiday lark... but I suspect it is more what teh nice men in white coats told him...

I mean read this little piece of his mind!

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the Cupboard
To feed her minature poodle
When she got there
Inside lurked a bear
With his big hairy bum in her strudel.
Hope he comes back soon from his little break I need a regular does of his warped view of the archaeology world. his poetry uses words to paint mind pictures unobtainable by any other means ecept alteration of brain chemistry.
Quote:Sad to say he be off on some sort of holiday lark...

I've been in the door of a publishers, then out, then back in, throwing ideas about like shuriken. Time has become narrower unfortunately. But I've no wish to stop the blog.

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