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Pay Deal latest

As many of you will know, the IFA base their pay rise on LGA pay scales, however this year Unison and the Employers are at loggerheads
The Chancellor wants 2% but as the most recent retail price index is running at 4.2 per cent, the public sector union Unison points out that anything less than that would amount to a pay cut.

Unison's head of local government, Heather Wakefield is quoted as saying: "The increase in average earnings will be 5.5 per cent by the final quarter of 2007, so the chancellor's 2 per cent is meaningless to our members. We've made it clear that the employers needn't bother offering that."

The Union's Claim (a bit like the BAJR suggestion)

? For any deal to be for one year.
? For 5 per cent or £1,000, whichever is greater.
? For a minimum hourly rate of £6.30.
? For one day's extra annual leave for all employees.
? For an increase in basic minimum annual leave entitlement to 25 days.
? For a reduction in the standard working week to 35 hours, without loss of pay.
? For an increase in the night shift allowance over three years from time and one-third to time and a half, to time and three-quarters, to double time.
? For an increase in the sleep-in allowance to £60.

April is coming and clear guidance is needed. BAJR can only provide guidance on minimum pay based on level of responsibility for adverts placed with BAJR. I have no rights to tell people what to pay their staff, I can however only allow those that pay the absolute minima or more to advertise. This also goes for posts that are not advertised, where if a company pays (for example) diggers at the basic rate, but all other members at a lesser rate, the company will not be able to advertise until it is able to commit to review and change. (a situation that has arisen several times and been successfully resolved with this action strengthening the claim).

I will be bringing out full guidance based on the consultation document sent to 183 companies.

basically it stands at

A suspected 3.5% pay rise (as minimum)
A requested 5% rise (this will be up to the individual company - and will not be enforced - however companies that DO pay above the 5% minima will be highlighted.)
Holiday and sickness rights will be required for all staff
Pensions will be left to individuals... it is a complex matter, and I can only suggest that both employers and employees know their rights.. (see: )

There are new intermediate grades to allow for junior positions/ senior positions - with the caveat that junior positions are designed for short term periods to evaluate whether the person is reafdy for the higher grade, and should not be used as permenant positions.

Job titles are not important, it is the level of responsibility that is expected of you in your work.. also the pay is minima only... there is nothing to stop a person from being paid more - you could be doing a G3 job but be getting the money that looks like a G7! The grade is useful only in working out what you do and what the minimum base pay should be.

Please get in contact if you need more information or wish to discuss any particular element

remember the original document can be found here
(rates of pay are based on 5% rise)

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647
just for clarity - do you mean 5% above the IFA recommended minimum?

can you explain what 'if a company pays (for example) diggers at the basic rate, but all other members at a lesser rate' means in practice? who are the 'other members'?

I still stand by my offer to eat my sombrero if LG award is 3.5%. This may be the year where a noticeable gap starts to open up between LA contractors and private sector in pay levels.
Unite's local government members vote to accept sub-2.5% pay deal

Well it seems it has at last happened...

Local government workers who are members of the Unite union have voted to accept a revised pay deal worth just under 2.5%.

The union confirmed that in a consultative ballot, 57% voted to accept the employers' offer, which had been increased from 2% after the threat of a strike ballot.

"This is a clear result from our members, but equally it comes with a clear message that it has been accepted grudgingly rather than being embraced," said Peter Allenson, Unite national organiser for public services.

"We will be making it clear to the employers that the way they have dealt with this pay round means they are in real danger of becoming an employer of last resort," he warned.

A separate ballot of hundreds of thousands of Unison members is set to take place to establish whether industrial action should begin over the low pay offer.

The Local Government Employers body has said the unions should "pause for thought" before embarking on any strike action.

So all those who have had (through no fault of the employer) been on the 'lower pay' with pay award pending... You will be entitled to the back pay at 2.475% increase.

which may be a nice windfall...(however as VoR says.. this could stretch the gap) though you were owed it anyway... the money was merely resting in the account!

However... the IFA/BAJR/PROSPECT benchmarking may provide industry wide guidelines that remove us from the tyranny of being attached to LGA payscales... :face-huh:

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."

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