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Fresh Water C14 dates - a problem looms
Now it is not just Marine reservoir effect with careful recalibration required, it is not just terrestrial C14 sample source ( is it heartwood or twig? ) now the freshwater source can cause massive fluctuations in dating... and this goes for the bones as well. from 700 to 2000 years in certain hard water areas. ! The problem is defining the dates and the error...

Read all about it here:

This leads me to the Richard III again... as the dating of the bones was recalibreated based on a correction of the date from Marine reservoir tables. What if the fish were river caught?
You surprise me.. I was convinced there would be a rabid pack telling me I should already know this Smile

damn ye all!
Actually I'd forgotten about it, doesn't often seem much of a consideration on any of the jobs I get and one tends to forget about fish when working in an area where we hardly ever get any bones surviving - slapped wrists all round? But reading even very modern site reports make it quite clear that an awful lot of people haven't yet clocked the idea of dating cremated bone or teeth, bit worrying really. C14 dates off Roman cremations make fascinating reading.... Cool
trouble is even if you have no fish bones you still cant tell if they ate fish - though having said that it looks like it was taboo in the 2nd and 3rd mills BC
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers

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