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Afterlife of Early Neolithic houses in the Polish lowlands
Another fascinating article from the WAC7 conference. Good to step outside the confines of UK commercial! and this data comes from Polish Commercial

This time a look at how structures from the LBK relate to later burial and occupation. You will be stunned at the connections - sometimes up to a millennia later.

To me, this invovels understanding teh way we relate to the past and how they would relate to the past...

I am minded of two sites near where I live. both Neolithic excarnation sites and both have bronze age cists inserted into the space that would once have been the centre of the original monumnet. even though it had been unused for over a thousand years... Memory of place anyone??

The author is Joanna Pyzel is an archaeologist at Gdańsk University - She currently divides her life between Poland and Germany and works on the archaeology of the Early Neolithic in Central Europe and Anatolia.

I've recently been having a long look at the coincidence between Neolithic pits (and presumably-contemporary surface scatters of pot etc) and the placement of BA barrows in the same locations 1-1.5 millenia later, is surprisingly common

...although annoyingly those paragraphs seem to have been 'trimmed' from the latest draft of the monograph in the interests of space saving and politics...I give up! Sad
Trimming of the flowers on a bush must enhance the shrub...

as nobody once did not say!

THat's a shame, as there does seem to be a real corelation = whether it is related to ownership / respect or myth ie... Beowulf and his connection with Bronze Age barrows now there is a a debate!!
Depends why the trimming's been done...

Several of the largest Yorkshire Neo (and not just later Neo) pot assemblages have been recovered from the mound make-up of EBA barrows (Green Howe springs to mind), quite apart from any pits underneath -there's got to be a PhD in there for someone :face-thinks:

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