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Arfur minute!!!
Dinosaur Wrote:Maybe we could get a grant to dig up Catterick? - can suggest which gardens to target :face-approve:
No reason why not, get the home owners on board, develop partnerships within the local community, come up with new ways of getting the locals to engage with their history, persuade some organisations to come up with match funding, develop a sound project brief and you can apply for a "Your Heritage" grant or possibly something under "Young Roots". Go for it it's what the money is there for. What's stopping you?
Leave that to someone whos actually got the time! (or the A1(M) upgrade contract)

There is (?was, as of a year or so back), in fact, supposed to be some sort of community-involvement project suggested around there, so you may get your wish :face-approve:
Wax Wrote:As archaeologists who try and deal with facts we often forget that a lot of our cultural heritage is not factual. There is nothing wrong with exploring cultural heritage, many fictional characters are linked to our landscapes. And at least the archaeology will be done properly. And I see no reason why someone could not put in a HLF bid to explore The links between the fictional Middle Earth and the real British landscape.

The stories places hold are not all interpretations of scientific and factual evidence. I shall now run and hide from the inevitable flak.}Smile

I agree with you, Wax! Lots of fun too.
I am sure that whoever winds the contract will enjoy it. and hope the public do as well. I only ask that they use the Arthur word with care and certainly do so with extreme care around journalists Smile
Jack Wrote:I can't believe that our hard earned idiot tax is being wasted on such an idiotic quest.......erm, oh......theres some poetry to that........or is it iron-(age)-y

Umm the HLF is not tax it's a gift from the poor to a large lottery company
returning to the original topic...I looked at the tender and declined to take it further...its a fixed price over a year to do a survey, then excavation of a scheduled monument based on the survey (including scheduled monument consent) then post-ex and then publicise the result on the web.....the HLF really mucked this up, there's no way such a poorly designed project should have public money spent on it!

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