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Get your fun bundles here!
Just in from the ever mirthful My Cartoon Version of Reality

Dear Mr.Kipling,

Because I sadly have no work
Will you give work to me?
I have dug a flower bed
And done some C.P.D.

With wiry limbs - and all my teeth
My friends say I'm quite plucky,
And I will gladly trade my youth
To get my clothing mucky.

Your company is to heritage,
(I've heard declaration,)
Like the kamikaze is
To prudent aviation.

Yours Faithfully
Emily D.

P.S. - I adore your French Fancies!

TO find out what Mr Kipling kippled in reply...
Brilliant......but sadly true!

And getting slowly worse......someone has to stop companies undercutting each other before it will change........

Personally I'm hoping that the mars rover finds some Roman pottery............then archaeology will get some recognition :face-rain:
Only if the Martians pay travel & accomodation expenses!...
Any theories on how the Romans got to Mars? Apart from the bog standard interdimentional portal (Star Gate). Would like to see Mr Cartoon Version of Realities design for a Roman interplanetary vessel.
Much like this i would imagine . . .
Oh I so got to share this cartoon... please mr CR please...
Please do. There's a touch of Wallace and Gromit about it.
And rightly so. The Romans were fond of cheeeese too.
So when the Mars rover finds the remains of a Roman cheese mine can we claim the intellectual copyright?
CARTOON REALITY Wrote:Much like this i would imagine . . .

It could only be enhanced by having SPQR emblazoned on the side in the manner of Soviet and US rockets during the space race.
D. Vader
Senior Consultant

Vader Maull & Palpatine
Archaeological Consultants

A tremor in the Force. The last time I felt it was in the presence of Tony Robinson.

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