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Latest DF newsletter
A very interesting DF Newsletter has just dropped on my lap and has been digested.

A lot and I mean A LOT of effort has gone into it, and all for you .... the membership is excellent - I remember when it was double figures and now is nearly 700 that sort of membership should SHOULD!!!! have the ability to make a difference and ive the DF the mandate to help. but it needs active participation when asked to help. it needs support.

BAJR gets the odd slap and teh odd bit of praise. which is nice. but at the end of the Day I am a digger too. and proud to be one of many members of the DF...

IF you really want to see what is going on ... join up now! seriously!

What re you missing ? if you are not a member?

Chair’s introduction 1
5 Letter from the editor
Prospect 14
Minima -what’s going on? 15
FAME Response 19
Interview with Pete Hinton 20
Diggers Forum Training Survey 24
Get involved 27
DF Round up and news 6
IfA pay minima: IfA report 10
Diggers’ Forum statement 13
Mm, when I have a spare ten quid I'll try to remember to join (who knows when that'll be, I have quite a few things calling on whatever spare ten quid comes up next).
Ah thanks BAJR for this and your continued support. We are really pleased to have so many members, soon we will be the biggest SIG, which is how it should be obviously!

Big up to Chiz for his newsletter production, often in the evenings in a B&B after a cold day on site.

You're right-together we should be able to make a difference. Plans are afoot...
I will pay your membership pdurdin... that's how much I think it matters. Smile


and yes... Chiz does a lot of work...

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