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Archaeological Report Award’ - AIA
The Association for Industrial Archaeology (AIA), the national organisation for people who share an interest in Britain's industrial past, is re-launching its ‘Fieldwork and Recording Award’ as the ‘Archaeological Report Award’. This award, of £800, will be given for the report which demonstrates the highest standards of fieldwork, recording and contextual research for industrial archaeological projects in that year.
In addition, the AIA is also launching the ‘Peter Neaverson Award for Digital Initiative and Innovation’, which recognises the impact that developing digital technologies are having in our interpretation, dissemination and conservation of our industrial heritage and archaeology. This award, of £500, will be given to the creators of the work (e.g. animation, online resource, technical survey- such as LiDAR, GIS or 3D laser scanning)which makes the most effective use of digital technologies in industrial archaeology/heritage in that year.
For further details about these and the AIA’s other awards and prizes, or to learn more about its work visit

I would be grateful if you could pass or forward this on to anybody that you think might be interested. Archaeological Report Award’

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