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This archaeological blogging business has conferred stardom, like a shining crown, upon my willing brow. The sheer weight of universal fame, under which I now humbly stagger, has provoked many esteemed universities to beg my attendance at their conferring ceremonies in order that I might speak and bestow a few beads of wisdom upon the newly contrived archaeologists being evacuated from their hallowed halls - and occasion has compelled me to formulate the following speech in order to satisfy their necessitous demands:

(Darkened hall. Spotlight on Author. Top hat is removed. Throat clearing noises, silken handkerchief flits briefly across glistening forehead.)

Yes it is another mirthfest from MCVoR - At least I think it is supposed to be funny... tell me it is supposed to be funny... What... it's based on a real story!

better read on!

Must be a slow day for news . . .
People need some niceness Smile

in a world of bad
A rare chuckle in the midst of bodging-together a WSI :face-approve:

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