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Cheapest, simplest kite aerial photography rig
Two tent pegs taped together with a £28, 808#16D key chain camera on the left (best flown with a safety line between the camera and the kite line).

[Image: 808pendulum.jpg]

[Image: 808tether.jpg]
Simple loop-through safety line.

[Image: 808kite03.jpg]

Attachment point formed by two 'large' velcro pads with two small ones in between (video still taken with the 808#16D fastened to the kite line)

Kite video clip:

Pole video clip for comparison:

Water rocket vertical video clip for comparison: using the same camera, in the same field.

Click on the YouTube cogwheel icon to select HD

[Image: 808kite02.jpg]

A still from the above kite video.
I am the dot casting the shadow in the lower right of the image.
The kite was flown by West Lothian Archaeology Group member Heidi Walker.

The low sun reveals how even a cheap camera, like the 808#16D, can pick up details in the snow.

A wire coat hanger will be tried next with a weighted longer vertical arm to improve stability.

Aerial photographic techniques suitable for children (with details of software for easily removing lens distortion)
West Lothian Archaeological Trust
you should get medals for this John
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
Absolutely! Most impressive.

Going to have to get you to come along to one of the school classes I am invovled with to show the little bleed/// model citizens what can be done with good old fashioned thought!
Thanks folks ;o)

David, hows about I give you a camera, kite, line and a wire rig......together with a demo, to get you going! ...but don't tell anyone else ;o)
E-mail me to set up a meet or come along to the HS Cairnpapple weekend in April.
[SIZE=2]A kite aerial photography thread relating to children and archaeology:

NB the comment ' I think that it is important to demonstrate KAP but I would be cautious about giving the impression that anyone can do it'

This is just the sort of attitude that the West Lothian Archaeological Trust is trying to change!

I realise that I sound a bit evangelical, but archaeologists and others will eventually realise that it is easy to fly a good kite and hang a camera on the line........that day will come...............
Glory hallelujah ;o)
Coat hanger wire video cam:

[Image: coathangerrig.jpg]

[Image: coathangerrig03.jpg]

Video clip:

Click on the YouTube cogwheel icon to select HD

[Image: coathangercam01.jpg]

Any further modifications will be posted on:
does it look like this when its not windy?
Reason: your past is my past
No problem....even easier!

The camera is so small, you can use one or more party balloons depending on size:
You do not even need to use the tent pegs, just velcro the camera below the balloon!
[Image: balloon01b.jpg]

But wind-free days are few and far between where I live.

With little or no wind you can still use a kite, but you do have to run or walk briskly, as here with a near infra-red camera (converted Fuji F30):

[Image: kinneil01.jpg]

Or, if you have a bottle, fire that into the air ;o)

[Image: rocketabc.jpg]

.....but it is not ideal for built-up areas and it is a bit hit and miss!

It's kids stuff:
[Image: cairnpapplemurray06.jpg]

It is the interpretation of the aerial images, in relation to what can be seen walking the ground, where the true skill is required.

But why kites:

Low initial cost
No running cost
Low skill requirements
High resolution
Ready to use when needed
Single person operation (but two better!)
Zero environmental impact (no fuel / noise)
Upgradeable to remote control and video preview if necessary
Relatively safe
Long flight times
Less restrictive regulations than with UAVs eg quadrocopters
Ability to lift a heavy load ;o)

[Image: skylincs.jpg]

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