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Update on aerial photography suitable for YACs and schools etc
for kite, pole, small balloon and water rocket etc
I see you are using these small keychain type cameras which don't have a screen. Do you have a computer or something in the field, so you can show the kids what sort of results are being obtained?

How cold and wet did you get doing water rocketry in the snow?

Is a keychain camera light enough to put on a pigeon?
Hi Hamish
So far, we have not used the keychain cameras with with kids (except family) as we want to ensure everything works well and is both safe and simple for independent use.
When we work with YACs and schools, as we are there to supervise, we use our normal cameras so that we can immediately show the kids what they have taken:

[Image: cairnpapplemay2012e.jpg]

At gatherings, like on Cairnpapple above, we do take computers and Group and Trust Archaeologist, Jim Knowles, sometimes uses a live video feed:

[Image: jimsdownlink.jpg]

How cold and wet did you get doing water rocketry in the snow?

No problem, very little wind, by choice when flying a rocket. The water is not a problem either...unless you stand next to the rocket when it takes off. I prefer to use an electric pump and stand at least 15m away ;o)
It is when we have to climb hills is sub-zero temperatures to fly kites in a 20mph wind that things get a bit cold.

Is a keychain camera light enough to put on a pigeon?
The Bavarian Pigeon Corps was one of our thoughts too. The answer is probably yes (18g) but I would like to see one on a falcon as the flight of pigeons is not ideal.

I always find the reticence of archaeologists to do kite aerial photography amusing, when junior school children just get on and do it.
The simple techniques using keychain cameras are not for the sensibilities of the children but the adults who are responsible for them. The important thing is that they are fun for the kids (and for me ;o).
For real work in the field, I will always use a kite and pole.........but you never know!

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