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Help identifying an item
Absolutely spot on with "Carlion International". Here's a little image enhancement and an overlay. Only letter I can't make out any of is the second A. The E is a bit obscure too but some of it's there.


So the logo would appear to be a combination of C and I. Googling, I find there was a Canadian company of that name which existed from 1980 until 2003: "Corporation Status: Dissolved for non-compliance".

Another one from bit further back, a very brief mention of a "Carlion International" in this 1938 newspaper:
Wow now i am impressed, you obviously know where to look..
Suppose probably never know for sure what exactly it was or who.
Solved by Facebook, Amazing but its pretty new and guess you all knew that.
Carlton International Suitcases, trading since 1976.
How on earth it looks so old and worn is amazing, it really seemed so old.
Ah well its been a great fun experience , even if not valuable or that interesting its been a lot of fun.
Thanks all for your input..
Here it is:

Actually quite a good object lesson that 'old' things sometimes aren't...and good little bit of research, puts some 'professional' finds reports to shame
Where were all the luggage specialists when we needed them. No help at all!

As usual they made a bags of it.
magersfontein lugg? that's typical of that rapscallion
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
I enjoyed that. should have this as a more regular feature!

As Dino says... a lesson for us all
BAJR Wrote:I enjoyed that. should have this as a more regular feature!

As Dino says... a lesson for us all

I wasn't trying to provide a feature Wink hehe
Seriously thanks again for helping out, we enjoyed it immensely, having never had any involvement in archaeology at all, i got hooked on "must research this" so i can see the bug..
Funny when i think we spent 5hrs one night barking up the "King Arthur and holy grail" tree, and it turns out to be a suitcase not 20yrs old probably! haha

Thanks, i may just stick around having been "bugged" now

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