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Archaeological Site Looting: A Public Opinion Poll
The looting of archaeological sites undermines the preservation of cultural heritage. The survey below is a continuation of the open access article in the January 2013 issue by Blythe Bowman Proulx, "Archaeological Site Looting in 'Glocal' Perspective: Nature, Scope, and Frequency." You can contribute to this discussion by completing this survey.
See also these other open access AJA articles on threats to cultural heritage:

We took ten minutes out to respond to this poll.

In effect we (in the rich West/East) create the demand for looted artefacts, and thus the artefacts are looted by often poor sometimes criminal classes. WE treat Heritage Crime as less important than littering, and a slapped wrist or a paltry fine is the sentence for irreparable damage and theft.

Please do take a moment to respond to this well thought out poll... and perhaps add some comment to the end.
Ten minutes? Took me less than 1...

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