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Roman Wall painting specialist looking for...
Don't forget all that post medieval painted plaster, there are some fantastic buildings in Britain absolutely full of the stuff crying out for conservators who understand it. There are, I belive, Heritage Crafts type apprentiships out there: working with decorative plaster in all it forms is one of those skills in short supply and high demand. It might be worth taking a sideways step in skills training. ( didn't Robert Adam get most of his ideas from Roman Painted Plaster work?)
I agree it is a plot of the Roman world very specific but very important to know the intellectual world and many of the ideas of the Roman world. I know it's hard but I really think it's worth trying. After more than 10 years of research is hard to change the country for the current circumstances and give up my training to work in other jobs, which also call for training. Even if I wanted, I think it's impossible not to be an archaeologist or historian.
What would you do in my place?
I can change the period but not the methodology.
Pdurdin, Thanks for your interest. i have written to the website contact but the archaeological site is close until spring and also It's a volunteer job, developing on sundays. If I'd find a job, I'd be very happy to help there but primum vivere deinde philosophare.
Quote:What would you do in my place?
I don't mean to sound flippant, but in all honesty I'd probably move to a country with more Roman wall paintings, if that's really the only aspect of archaeology in which you're prepared to work. Preferably a country which actually has some type of funding to employ niche specialists - the UK has less of this than it does Roman wall paintings.

Other than that, I think being more flexible is your best bet. Archaeology is a small employment field in the UK with far more people/experts than jobs. The more periods and types of archaeology/artefacts you can deal with, the better your prospects of employment.
Thank you for your honesty, at all flippant. I have moved to England to look for a future for my family and I. In principle, I was not intended to work as an archaeologist for three reasons: 1, I don't Know thw archaeological English system; 2 my expertise and experience (roman and islamic) is not common in this country) and 3. Because if I were to start here would be from the bottom, especially outside my home and my family needs me now more than ever. I'm trying to be teacher of Spanish or I don't Know, anything but my experience is in archeology and is why I was trying to know the real situation of archeology so thank you for your vision of reality.
Don't give up, find something that keeps the family fed but explore all the options your area of expertise gives you. Look at teaching aspects of it in further education. Contact museums that focus on the Roman period, volunteer. Your knowledge is rare in this country and that might just give you a way in somewhere.

Hope it works out for you in the New Year
For me it is gratifying and encouraging to note here that archaeologists are more united and more peers in my country, where they are always criticizing and putting tripping. Few specialists in my field and Roman painting provides an excellent addition to dating, hardly observable aspects through other artifacts. Get a job but I really need to contact when you see a site with murals by excavating and studying, someone remembers me and call me. Miestras offer my knowledge to both this forum and any archaeologist who needs me. Thank you all. Sorry for my English.
And thanks Alvaro. Thats worth hearing. and I hope more people look at this post and act more positively because of it.

Archaeologists should help each other!

Best of luck
I've always tried to work and value the work of others and not negatively criticize. For me archeology is universal, there is always someone who knows more than you and you need it. Working among all advances the knowledge and teaches you something new.
good page
great job

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