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What do you have to do to gain a MIfA? It's easier to get an OBE
Heilan Coo Wrote:lol....I am very much aware of the grading system that the IfA have as I have been an AIfA for a number of years now and both my friend and I have been recommended to apply for MIfA by respected people in the world of archaeology. We both have fairly long and varied careers in archaeology, working the length of Birtain and covering many aspects of field archaeology, yet still the IfA decide we are not worthy of MIfA.

Over the past couple of years I hear time and time again the random nature of who gets AIfA and who gets MIfA. there are archaeologist with over 10 years experience in the field being knocked back for AIfA and only getting PIfA, people with PhD's even being refused AIfA, people who mainly do databases getting MIfA, people with 15 years experience and running their own company being knocked back, consultant archaeologists being refused consistancy its all very random and I know several people who have given up the prospect of upgrading as its a pointless time wasting process.

As I said I think its easier to get an OBE from Queenie than it is getting Membership status from the IfA.

It may be that you don't have the relevant managerial experience. I'm sure they go through a consistent process.
Quote:once again was refused for the most stupid reasons.
If you know exactly why you were turned down and the reasons given were that daft, would it be difficult to plug the perceived gaps? If the reasons for failure are "stupid" and you want it that badly, then it migh be worth abandoning your principles and just jumping through the required hoop(s).

What did they tell you were the reasons for the rejection?

ETA: Oops sorry - didn't see Gilraen's previous post! Tech me to read the entire thread first. Must be a reasonable point though...
cant wait to see the new years honours list Mr Coo
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
Occurs to me that this thread ties in nicely with the thread about Government websites accepting IfA Membership as prerequisite to the tender process. My initial reaction is....what other benchmark is currently available to Local Government Officers? A secondary but equally pertinent point is....if Government have/are accepting such validation then they should have faith in the IfA validation system itself. Methinks that legal challenges on the sheer validity of the Government stance on this are likely.......I have been converted to the idea of a Professional Institute for a number of good reasons but I still hesitate to agree that RO status or personal validation (in it`s present form) is an acceptably robust form of validation in legal terms.
For the individual archaeologist, application to the IfA can seem to be a minefield of duplicities laden with ever-moving goalposts. For me- Corporate Membership at any level is sufficient to demonstrate a willingness to work to professional standards and of late, is fast becoming a prerequisite to employment in certain fields. Ultimately, the legal responsibility for the maintenance of professional standards falls to the Local Government Officers. Regardless of an archaeologists` IfA status, if the Mounty thinks you`re crap then you`re crap. A bit blunt I agree but.... Local Government Archaeologists "police" professional standards.....not the IfA.......
I think the powers that be, this past weekend, have clearly demonstrated how difficult it is to obtain an OBE.....dress like a spiv, have no obvious disability, go to the right school and have friends in high places. It is self evident that there are obviously no parallels whatsoever with such an honour and obtaining MIfA status........we might as well declare this thread closed!!:face-stir:
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
I don't want this thread to close - I genuinely want to know the reasons why people have been knocked back for MIfA status, so as to see whether it is sour grapes, or people think it is a 'long service' reward, or the IfA are indeed at fault and do not go through a consistent process for applicants. :face-topic:
As Gilrean says... back to topic.

For information, you can download the procedural guidelines of the Validation committee here and the Membership Appeals committee by clicking on the links. so there is a transparent process and an appeal

There should also be absolute criteria - to become a MIfA you need this this and this ( Applicants Handbook)

Initiate, negotiate, carry out and/or delegate, and bring pieces of work to a conclusion.

Members are in charge of organising and running large, complex projects from beginning to end, or in highly skilled, specialist work.

Members (MIfAs) also

  • have authoritative knowledge and depth of understanding of the sector and their area of historic environment practice
  • take full responsibility for their own work and that of others where applicable
  • deal with complex situations holistically and demonstrate confident decision making
  • have a high level of understanding of the overall ‘picture’ and see alternative approaches and how they might be tackled

So in a nut shell...

  1. you will have to have a proven track record that is verifiable in starting a project - running a project and completing a project to everyones satisfaction.
  2. you will be able to demonstrate you have the relevant skills and experience for whatever area of competence you have -
  3. you will be able to list all the work you have done to support this particular application
  4. you will provide a list of all the publications or examples of work that show a growing corpus of evidence that you are good at what you do and you do it more and more.

The IfA recognise that some roles do not generate substantial pieces of written work, in which case comprehensive accounts in your statement of competence, your referees’ reports, job descriptions and other documents will be critical.

You also need to supply a CPD log and PDP

So... if you have these and good referees. then you should be ok.

Without knowing the specifics, then it is impossible to comment on a particular case. The Validation committee are not ones to turn people down for no reason.

If Coo would contact me in confidence offline... and tell me the reason for refusal, then it may be easier to discuss. but in general. MIfA is based on producing the relevant material.

Of course there is a trouble with what MIfA is in the world... I am a MIfA - not because I can manage projects ( that was my previous MIfA ) but because I was an illustrator so go figure? But that is another debate.

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