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Is a decent specialist report a luxury?
Keeping the display cases pitch dark seems to be becoming more popular too, seems a little pointless with stuff like bronze or pot. Are you supposed to take a torch?

On the upside, the expensive re-vamp at the Whitby museum left it exactly the same experience, a proper 'Victorian' museum with an amazing collection of stuff crammed in (amazing what they used to bring back from their holidays, some pretty wierd stuff jammed cheek-by-jowl), they even resisted the urge towards new labelling except where the old ones had faded too much, just one big room but you can spend hours in there, well recommended and wierdly theres internationally important collections in there if you can find them (ok, the marine dinosaurs are pretty big!). A lot of small museums seem to be more fun than the big ones these days, usually cheap/free too. They should get more support rather than the millions spent on the 'major' big empty buildings

A good museum is one you want to go back to - the YM used to be like that, now you've done it in an hour, and that's just cos the empty building's so big. You can spend longer in the gift shop!

Sorry, got a bee in my bonnet on this one Sad!

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